As an item of conversation in the Ladies, rather than females discussing the latest fashions for themselves, talk is now turning to their male counterparts wishing to enhance their own appearance.

No longer a subject deemed topical for mainly young-at-heart women; this versatile non-surgical treatment has now extended to the male of the species and it’s being called “Brotox”

In this age of recession there has been huge growth in male cosmetic remedies as men are now under the same pressure to appear youthful, and are utilising this appearance enhancing anti-wrinkle treatment as an investment in their career; boosting much needed confidence and heightening self-esteem.

Transforming Smiles has treatment practices in Cardiff, Penarth and Merthyr Tydfil and are leading the way in facial aesthetics for both men and women.

Sharmila Gaitonde of Transforming Smiles says “We are increasingly seeing a lot of men at our exclusive treatment rooms, where our clients are advised under strict confidentiality and treated in the utmost privacy.  We always suggest doing your homework before choosing your practitioner – especially as the treatment of men is slightly different to the way the injections are sited in women. Therefore it’s obviously desirable to consult a qualified practitioner who is well versed in carrying out this anti-wrinkle procedure for men in order to achieve the best possible results”

Aside from the relatively new aspect of appearance enhancing qualities for males; this anti-wrinkle treatment is also regularly used medically for the treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis), migraine relief and particular eye disorders.

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