'Banish Skin Imperfections & Boost Your Confidence Today'

'Maximise results with our specialist at-home skincare programmes'

'Target acne scarring, sun damage & stretch marks'

'Banish deep set wrinkles, create definition & gain fuller lips'

'Our premium teeth whitening treatments will help you achieve a dazzling smile'

Banish Skin Imperfections & Boost Your Confidence!

At Transforming Smiles in Cardiff and Merthyr, we offer our clients a complete approach to non-surgical facial enhancements.

Our signature approach to facial aesthetics combines medical expertise, the most innovative technologies and treatments, and an impeccable service to  ensure our clients receive only the very best experience.

Our unparalleled treatments — which include wrinkle reduction treatments, dermal fillers, chemical peels and micro needling — are carried out by highly trained aesthetics expert Sharmila Gaitonde, ensuring that from start to finish, each and every client is treated to the most impeccable quality, comfort and care.

The initial consultation allows clients the opportunity to discuss their skin concerns in-depth, allowing us to tailor a unique treatment programme that will allow each individual to achieve the results they have always desired!

Get Straight Teeth Without The Long Wait & Telltale Appearance of Regular Braces!
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